Campervans are endless fun. Driving off on an adventure with a mini home in the back reminds us of building forts as children, all set out in careful order and entirely safe and secure.

We're different

...from other campervan conversion companies. We have the knowledge and experience to build vans like the manufacturers themselves. When you're cutting holes in a vehicle and filling it with new seats, roofs, electric, gas, and more, you should know exactly how it has been designed to perform in a crash, so that you maintain that safety level in the final product. You should understand how the original locking systems and linings work. You should know what the various crash tests are designed to confirm, so you can properly evaluate aftermarket add-ons, like bed-seats and pop-tops.

Here's how

Best of all would be if you had decades of experience rebuilding everything from one of a kind vintage cars through to Teslas and modern supercars, have consulted on repair processes for major manufacturers, and you were one of the UK's most qualified structural repair technicians. That's Big V, and he builds campervans.

Our team, lead by Karl "Big V" Venghaus, have rebuilt almost every car ever made. From one-of-a-kind vintage racers through to modern supercars and Teslas, they've received them after heavy collisions and put them right again. We're qualified and experienced structural vehicle technicians, with decades of experience in vehicle customisation, restoration, and crash repair.

What we love

Our passion is vehicle customisations and, in particular, campervans, which are the most extensive modifications commonly made to vehicles today. We can build you the camper of your dreams, or enhance your existing one to make it better, more comfortable, and safer.

We tackle small tweaks right through to complete bespoke builds, and we love when someone wants to do some of the work themselves. There are lots of elements to building campervans that are easy if you have a few tips and someone to call for advice.