We started out exactly as you have

...scouring the internet, asking lots of questions, learning as we went, and doing our best to make sense of the conflicting information that's out there. It was much harder than we expected to settle on a particular set of parts and an overall design for our first van. That was years ago, when there were fewer choices and less information than now!

As a result, we've always tried to be as helpful as we can to anyone who is embarking on a van build. Some people just want to hand over their keys and have us make some magic, but lots of others want to do some or all of the work themselves. We love that.

We've lost count of all the self builders who have visited us at our workshop, sometimes for a single switch or can of glue and other times for a whole conversion worth of parts and advice. Hopefully, this web shop will help all the self builders who can't make it to us in person!

Every order is backed up by our advice and support. By choosing to use the same tried and true parts and materials we use, you join a community of people who have built hundreds or possibly thousands of vans of every make, model, and age. We're here every step of the way, whatever your question. Call, email, or WhatsApp us on the details below, we'll have an answer for you.

Are you confused about the DVLA requirements for reregistering your van as a camper?

Have you read lots of conflicting advice and (sometimes quite angry) opinions online?

We've written an article explaining why there's no need to panic and, in fact, the requirements have actually gotten easier. You can read all about it on our main site: here.