12 Way Bus Bar Box



12-Way Fuse box with twin positive bus bars + negative bus bar

Consists of two seperate banks of 6 fuses with screw connections.
Each bank of fuses has a common feed for main positive connection
Common busbar for the negative connection.

Each bank of 6 fuses has its own positive supply source.

Lid is designed to hold spare fuses.

Common negative busbar provides 12 screw connections for a common negative
Main positive connections are made by 5.3mm shaft dia. studs.

Maximum Amps per circuit-30Amps
Maximum Amps per block-100Amps ( 200A for total unit with both banks utilised)
Maximum voltage-32Vs
Positive Circuit A: 1x common bus and 6 standard blade fuses.
Positive Circuit B: 1x common bus and 6 standard blade fuses.
Negative Circuit: 1x common bus and 12 pole connector block.
Positive and Negative common buses: M5 studs.

Size of fuse box
Height: 57mm.
Base width: 94mm.
Base Length: 164mm.

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