Rusty Lee Rock & Roll Bed Seat for Modern Vans - TUV Approved!



Not all rock & roll beds are made equal. British made and TUV approved, this is our favourite bed seat by far!

This listing is for bed seats suitable for modern vans, such as the VW T4/5/6, Ford Transit Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, and many others.

Why we love them

  • TUV Approved - a much higher standard than just crash-tested. A crash test is a one time check on one sample bed seat. TUV approval means on-going auditing of everything from the manufacturing processes used, to product testing, and warranties. This is the gold standard of safety testing.
  • Substantially Made - these beds are simply made with more and higher-grade metal and they're braced in all directions (unlike a lot of beds that are only braced forwards to pass a crash test).
  • British Built - Rusty Lee is in Hereford and they make these beds out of raw steel and they even powder coat them in-house.
  • Super Comfortable - the basic design of rock & roll beds haven't changed in decades because it's the best compromise between sitting and sleeping. All other bed systems work better in one or the other position, rock & roll beds are good in both.

Fabric Choices Explained

  • None - bare frame only, no bed boards - all Rusty Lee bed seats are made without any upholstery so you can order just the frame and upholstery it yourself if you wish.
  • With Flat Top Bed Boards -or- With Jigsaw Top Bed Boards - the first step to upholstering a bed seat frame is to make boards to hold the foam and fabric. We can supply these with either flat or jigsaw headrest tops (see the photos for examples of each)
  • A Range Fabrics and/or Vinyls - the most popular choice, there is something here for nearly every design.
  • B Range Fabrics and/or Vinyls - if you want a really bright vinyl or some GTI tartan, this option is for you.

The Sales Process Explained

When we receive your order we'll be in touch to plan your upholstery design (if chosen) and discuss the estimate lead time. All Rusty Lee beds and their upholstery is made to order.

Bespoke Designs

We can match almost any design, including stitching patterns (diamond, Bentley twin-needle, and more), contrast piping, logos (VW, Ford, your own, etc), and custom materials. Most things don't cost much to add on!

If you want something specific please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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