Chrome Dimmable LED Reading Light.

Color: Warm White


Ideal reading light for the bedtime story.

Chrome, long neck, dimmable LED reading light. The switch is located on the circular base and operation is straight forward - first press of the switch illuminates a blue ring around the switch, one tap and the light comes on, another tap and the light goes off but keep your finger pressed on the switch and the light will dim. 

The curved head of the light is used to adjust the light direction, enabling you to direct the beam onto a book/map/work surface with the ribbed neck holding the position.

he unit has a memory too so once set to the required light level you can turn it on and off without needing to re-select the dimming level.

Easy to install, the light comes complete with allen key and mounting screws.


Light Details

  • Input Voltage Range - Regulated from 10v to 30v DC
  • Available in cool white 180lm or warm white 175lm.
  • LED power - 2.0W
  • Length - 415mm
  • Head Length x Diameter - 60mm x 35mm
  • Base Height x Diameter - 15mm x 60mm

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