10 Way Fuse Box Distribution Kit with Negative Bus Bar Cable Terminals & Fuses



Not all self-build kits are made equal! Our kits are Habitation Check compliant for safety, durability, and total peace of mind. (what this means)

Connect your leisure electrics the safe and easy way with our power distribution and earthing system! This kit supplies a fused 10-way standard blade type fuse box & 100amp bus bar, along with all of the cables and connections.

Supplied with everything needed to safely distribute power for 12 or 24-volt electrics or to connect to popular switch panels.

70amp 10mm˛ main positive feed via inline fuse holder to fuse box with 60amp fuse

This kit includes:

  • 1 x 10-way Bus Bar Fuse Box
  • 1 x 100 amp multi-point bus bar
  • 1-5 metres 10mm˛ 70ampRed Cable
  • 1-5 metres 10mm˛ 70amp Black Cable
  • 1 x strip link fuse holder + 2 x 60amp fuses
  • Terminal pack including spares + heat shrink
  • 5mtrs 2.5mm˛ 24amp Red Cable
  • 5mtrs 2.5mm˛ 24amp Black Cable
  • 15 x 6.3mm Blue insulated female terminals
  • 15 x 4.8mm Blue insulated female terminals
  • 5 x 6mm blue insulated ring terminals
  • 7 x 4mm blue insulated ring terminals
  • 3 x 5amp, 3 x 10amp, 2 15amp, 2 x 20amp blade fuses

These kits are made to order so please allow 2-3 days for delivery. Since COVID, this has sometimes taken longer due to issues with couriers.

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