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Ideal for smaller projects. We buy in huge quantities to bring you the best possible price!

Why insulate your van?

The number one cause of lower section body rot on campervans is due to the insulation used during their build. There are a number of common mistakes we see all the time when assessing corrosion:

  1. No insulation at all - this allows condensation to form on the inside of the panel, which runs down to the bottom and rots the van from the inside.
  2. Household insulation - your house breathes whereas your van sweats, and household insulation can hold up to 270 times its own volume in water. It acts as a sponge, collecting all of the moisture in your van and transferring it to the bottom of the panels.
  3. Expanding foam - not only does this tend to collect water and some types are extremely flammable, it also sets like concrete in your panels. As accident repairers, we have seen vans written off by insurers after minor accidents because they are full of foam. This makes the repair process exponentially more expensive and insurance companies won't pay the additional cost.

Custom options

There are almost endless options available in sound deadening and insulation, so please speak to us if you have particular goals or requirements.

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