Mains Battery Charger 20A



12 volt 20 amp battery charger suitable for all sealed for life, gel and maintenance free batteries 

Features: micro chip controlled three stage charging, allowing the charger to be left permanently connected without harming the battery. 

On/off switch, detachable wall-mount brackets, supplied with crocodile clips and leads.


  • Type Automatic charger for lead-acid batteries 
  • Charge control 3 stage charging (Main 20 amp, Final 14.7 volt, Float 13.8 volt)
  • Input 100-240 volt ac 50/60Hz 
  • Output 20 amp 12 volt dc
  • Battery size up to 300ah 
  • Battery type 12 volt wet cell, Lead/calcium, Maintenance Free, Sealed, Deep cycle, AGM and GEL 
  • Display 4 single LED indicators (Power on, Main, Final and Float Charge) 
  • Lead length Charging lead 1.2m, mains lead 1.5m 
  • Electrical protection 
  • Reverse connection and short circuit Protection 
  • Indoor use only 
  • Temperature range 0˚C to 40˚C 
  • Weight 1.45gk
  • Dimensions l 112 x w 226 x h 52mm (exc. bracket or feet) 
  • Compliance CE, RoHS, WEEE

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