Swing Out Table Leg - Wall Mounted



Do you find yourself balancing a cup of tea on your lap whilst trying to get the kids something to eat and the dog ends up eating half of the sausage rolls?

Than we have the table for you, Easily installed at home and can make life easier on the way to the beach in the services and when you arrive at your destination. No more  sausage rolls for Dave the pug, sorry Dave.

We know this fits well in the VW T5, however we've not yet tried it in any other vans. The key points to bear in mind are that you need 2 secure fixing points on the door pillar behind the passenger seat - one for the floor bracket and the other about 20 - 25cm above it for the stabilising collar.


  • 1 x curved table leg - that you can cut down to your ideal size
  • 1 x foot plate - attaches to the floor of your van
  • 1 x wall clamp - so the leg stays upright and can rotate
  • 1 x table bracket - screws to underside of table

Not Included

  • No fixings (screws) or table tops are included

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