Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base for VW T5/6 - TUV Approved!



Not all swivel bases are made equal. British made and TUV approved, this is our favourite double seat swivel by far!

Why we love them

  • TUV Approved - a much higher standard than just crash-tested. A crash test is a one time check on one sample bed seat. TUV approval means on-going auditing of everything from the manufacturing processes used, to product testing, and warranties. This is the gold standard of safety testing.
  • Substantially Made - these swivel bases are made with high-grade metal and they're welded in all directions (unlike some other swivel plates that are only welded to pass a crash test).
  • British Built - Rusty Lee is in Hereford and they make these swivel bases out of raw steel and they even powder coat them in-house.
  • Super Easy to Turn - this swivel base is way easier to turn around than the other popular options. It glides around rather than clunks and even has springs on the screw-down bolts to keep them out of the way.

We have fitted a huge array of double seat swivel plates to every sort of van imaginable, and these are head and shoulders above the rest.

Delivery Details

These swivel bases are made to order so please allow 8-10 days for delivery. Since COVID, this has sometimes taken longer due to issues with couriers.

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